I’m going to take a little moment to introduce myself and bring each of you into my world. As you can see by the name of my blog, my name is Megan Kelley. I chose “TheRealMeganKelley” because we are all familiar with a female political blonde right wing sorta tv personality attention grabber who shares my name but that’s about all we have in common:)

My journey started down this long dark path called the birth canal…kidding! From as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a detective. As a kid, I walked around the one block radius of Waveland Ave, in the mean streets of Chicago, carrying a briefcase and a cap gun. Inside my briefcase was a notepad, pen, box of crayons (I pretended to smoke) and a bunch of junk mail that made me look important.

When I became an adult, my career path changed from that little detective to joining the Teamsters. I was a proud member of Teamsters Local 710 and thought that was where I belonged in life until we unexpectedly parted ways amicably. After that chapter in my life I had a 2 year stint where I was not working and was spending every day at the hospital with my dad and family and trying to find myself again. I’m not going to lie, those two years were a roller coaster of emotions and obstacles that I never thought I’d get through. I spent days fighting insurance companies on behalf of my dad, slept most nights in a chair in a waiting room at the hospital, spent mornings listening as numerous doctors did their rounds and tried to explain dad’s prognosis, all while trying to figure out if we would ever make it out of this nightmare we were all living. I felt selfish to even think about myself for a moment but with the most supportive family I was able to pull myself together and slowly find myself again.

I knew that I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a difference. I know everyone says that and it is cliche but I wanted to be that one person who could be that rock for someone during the most trying time in their life. I enrolled in a program with RVA and completed their training course to become a Rape Victim Advocate. As an advocate, we would volunteer for a 12 hour shift and during that shift we would be dispatched to an area emergency room when a survivor would check in. We would be their person. Advocates help give the survivors their voice back, help them gain control, provide them with every resource that they deserve and sit beside them while they endure all the questions about the assault and even hold their hand while they go step by step through a rape kit.

Along with RVA, I took courses on human trafficking, received my PERC and my concealed carry license. Everything I did in that period of time led me to an opportunity where I sat in front of a well known Private Investigator (leaving his name out because I didn’t ask him if I could include him) in Chicago and told him of my past and where I wanted my future to go. Luckily for me, he hired me on the spot. He spent two years mentoring me until I recently took a position with another company that has certain cases that relate more to my background and passions. All these years later and I’m walking around with real case files and a 9mm instead of junk mail and a cap gun:)

Now that I shared a little bit of who I am and where I come from, I’ll leave you with this: None of us know what our future holds but one thing I do know is that I will get to exactly where I want to be, I will not accept the word “no” for an answer and I will not let anyone stand in my way.

Until next time…